This was a project of a different pelt. The client is an Interior Designer of some considerable experience so she handled the Design, Sourcing, General Contracting, Hair tearing out, etc. It was a very nice experience to be free of all of that and focus on what we were hired to do. We did the surgical demo, reframing and finishing walls, leveling the ceiling, subflooring, window jambs and casing, door installation, marble tile installation.

The advantage of designing my own work is that I know how I am going to build something (or have it built.) And I know how important having tolerances met is, so that installation of everything else goes smoothly and precisely. Meeting the exacting requirements of this client was extremely satisfying.

We also reconfigured a powder room in the front entry foyer. The fun part of that was reforming the door and trim to fit the existing arch under the main staircase. See more photos here.