Russ is a great contractor because he’s knowledgeable, hard-working and has a real pride in his craft. He has the skills and the intelligence to design a project from the ground up, and the thoughtfulness and flexibility to figure out solutions to problems that arise over the course of the project; he’s also good at meeting deadlines under pressure, and is good at controlling costs. He’s an excellent fellow, very honest and easy to get along with; he and his crew are always unfailingly pleasant and respectful when working in our home, and very considerate of our needs. I can personally vouch for him – he has a key to our house.


Russell and TBDG have completed many projects in our home in Fairmount over the years. Notably we converted a second-floor bedroom into a master bath, completely renovated our third floor, but our most impressive endeavor was to entirely reverse the staircase that led from our second to third floor to our 100-year-old row home. Russell’s design sensibility is fantastic and moreover, he really loves interior space and, luckily for us, he single-handedly made a master-stroke with the stairwell turn that is by far the most important (and best) design decision we made in the renovation of our home.

E.M. & R.A.

Russ Baldwin has done work in my home in Wynnewood over the course of the past 15 years. I highly recommend Russ Baldwin. He is reliable, has a wonderful sense of space, light and the way in which people live and function in a room. The men who work for him have always been both highly skilled and pleasant to have in my home.