Kitchen Study

Notes for Original Plan
Programmatic Issues:
1. Insufficient space for growing family, eventually three boys.
2. Proximity issues between play area and small kitchen.
3. Small kitchen
4. Values – connection to outside, light, openness.

Notes for Addition Plan
Solutions for Programmatic Issues:
1. Extend kitchen out over drive to the extent of the screened porch.
2. Connect family room and screened porch with the extended kitchen
3. Include family command central desk for Mom.
4. "Breakfast" area opens out onto deck area and yard.
5. Sky lights coffered into the ceiling to open up to light and centered in new space to unite into one large room
6. New custom cabinets

1. Simply extending garage to bear the addition precluded sufficient maneuvering space for two vehicles in the driveway and garage. The last few feet of the addition needed to be cantilevered from an engineered steel beam over the new garage door. Deeper garage provided extra toy and tool storage.
2. Removal of the old kitchen exterior wall required engineered “C” channels bolted together to support bearing wall above during demolition and final support.
3. Rooflines of family room and porch conflicted with the addition roofline. A new roof was built over all of them to simplify drainage and appearance.
4. The original addition porch stairs were directional to yard grade. When a patio/deck was added several years later the stairs needed to be modified to access the patio gracefully from the porch.